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Floriana Gift Card

Floriana Gift Card

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Gift the Joy of Floriana - The Perfect Present for Every Occasion

Choosing the perfect gift can be as delicate as selecting the right flower for a bouquet. That's why a Floriana Gift Card is the ideal solution. Let your loved ones indulge in the beauty and elegance of fresh, premium bouquets, the longevity of our specially curated long-life flowers, the decadence of Belgian chocolates, the delicate sophistication of French macarons, and the exotic charm of orchids.

Why a Floriana Gift Card?

  • Flexibility: With a Floriana Gift Card, your special someone can choose exactly what they want, whether it's a vibrant flower arrangement or a luxurious box of chocolates.
  • Convenience: Delivered instantly via email, it’s the perfect last-minute present that still shows you care.
  • Personalized Experience: Allows the recipient to enjoy creating their own bespoke arrangement or sweet selection from our extensive offerings.
  • Timeless Elegance: Our selections are perfect for any occasion, be it a birthday, an anniversary, or simply a token of appreciation.
  • Accessible Luxury: Catering to different tastes and preferences, our Gift Cards can open a world of premium gifting options.

Discover the perfect gift that blooms with possibility and give the gift that says it all.

معلومات توصيل الزهور

نقوم بتوصيل الأزهار في دبي وأبو ظبي والشارقة وعجمان ورأس الخيمة وأم القيوين والفجيرة. نحن نضمن أن تتلقى الزهور الخاصة بك في غضون فترة التسليم التي تحددها عند طلب الزهور عبر الإنترنت.

إشعار إخلاء المسؤولية

بعض الزهور موسمية ، لذلك قد لا تكون متاحة طوال العام. سنقوم باستبدال أي زهور غير متوفرة بسبب الموسمية بأزهار مماثلة ذات جودة وقيمة متساوية. لا تقلق ، سيظل تنسيق الزهور الخاص بك جميلًا!


الزهور التي نستخدمها هي من أعلى مستويات الجودة ، منتقاة بعناية ويتم الحصول عليها من أفضل المزارعين. يضمن التزامنا بالجودة استخدام أزهار طازجة فقط في إبداعاتنا في فلوريانا.

تعليمات العناية

  • Upon receiving your Floriana fresh flowers, immediately cut about 1 cm off the stems at a 45-degree angle. This helps the flowers absorb water more efficiently.
  • Remove any leaves that fall below the waterline in the vase to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Place your flowers in a clean vase filled with fresh, cool water. Change the water every 2 days to keep flowers fresh.
  • Keep the flowers in a cool, draft-free area away from direct sunlight, heating or cooling vents, and out of direct contact with fruit, which releases ethylene gas that can cause wilting.
  • Use the flower food provided with your arrangement, following the instructions on the packet for the best results.
  • Gently mist the petals with water every day to maintain humidity around the flowers, which is especially beneficial in dry environments.
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